Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dogs need exercise!

Cockers are my ultimate fave dogs. An interview with Derek the cocker here would probably go along these lines...

Me: So, Derek, what is your favourite hobby?
Derek: Running. Chasing things. Running some more.
Me: How do you feel about public transport?
Derek: I love watching buses. I think bus-spotting is cool, I don't care what the other dogs say.Me: Who are your friends at the Rescue?
Derek: I really need my own dog space, but Fergus the schnauser comes up to my kennel for a chat. He's O.K.
Me: Why are you at the Rescue?
Derek: My owners didn't understand my needs. Lady, I NEED to run! They don't understand that dogs are great for getting owners in shape.
Me: Thanks Derek!
Derek: No probs. And hey! I saw you scoffing those instant noodles earlier; let me help you burn them off!

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