Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sharpei puppeh has wrinkles!

This is a puppeh post just BECAUSE. Enjoy!
Have you melted yet? :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dogs know how to STAND OUT in a crowd

How many Rescue dogs are in this picture?
a) twelfty
b) 3
c) lots

Yes, that's right, the correct answer is 'lots'. But notice how 'pirate' black and tan Bart manages to make himself STAND OUT in the crowd of doggies? Dogs have PRESENCE!

I bet the people who abandoned his parents (featured before) couldn't stand out even if they were wearing jump suits made of real gold and singing German opera through megaphones.

A change!

I'm not a big fan of change. In fact, I am a self-confessed anal-retentive who loves routine. However, this picture my sister took of my dad's dogs made me decide to have a different type of post. Here is an example of not-abandoned, happy, well-looked after dogs (parsons). The one with its head turned towards my dad (no doubt questioning his attire) is a great character. The little one I haven't met yet, so all I can say with 100% certainty is that it's SO CUTE! Aaaahhhhh!

Dogs are great for TICKLING

This is my favourite abandoned min pin again being tickled by moi. He loves it. Heck, he deserves it!

His previous owners do not deserve to be gently tickled in a playful and loving way. They deserve to be crushed in the powerful metal claws of giant mechanical crabs.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ninja Husky!

Can you see the handsome husky hiding in this picture? He is a ninja husky, trained in the stealthy arts!

O.K. that may be a lie, but if it was the Arctic, rather than Hong Kong, Polar would make a fantastic ninja as he would blend in to the snow.

Hong Kong has no snow. What a waste of talent.

Dogs can colour co-ordinate

These dogs are very clever. They have sorted themselves out according to colour! The orangey ones are on the right, but the one with black is on the left. Their two matching pals stand nearby. Good effort dogs!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Plastic surgery for pets = lobotomies for stupid owners

These schnausers came together and were scared stiff when they arrived, but it is better than where they were before - kept in cages all the time - that is, when their owners weren't taking the male one to get plastic surgery to make him 'look better' in his cage. I'd like to get their pernicious previous owners into surgery. Two lobotomies coming right up! The dogs are perfect, it is the owners who should be stuck in cages and see how they like it. Yeah, cages suspended over a pit of boiling acid, gently lowered one inch per hour...


It's the GR and 'Z' in a double attack of emotional blackmail. "Let us through the gate. You know you want to...OPEN THE GATE!" The head tilt, the big brown eyes, the GR's tongue...Aaaggghhhh! Helpless... to... resist...
See 'Z' here earlier practsing the head tilt action. Dogs are DEVIOUS in a GOOD WAY.

Monday, August 25, 2008


HOW, I mean HOW could anyone abandon this adorable cling-on dog? It fits snuggly in human arms, doesn't wriggle about, and looks uber cute. It spent a lot of time being carried around yesterday as a big golden retriever decided it was in love with it but the feelings weren't mutual.

Dogs can be quality entertainers!

Snoozing away, then suddenly...AWAKE! This little fella did a startled chipmunk* impression on Sunday. Quality entertainer!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why am I barking?

Is this tail-wagging, barking little dog saying:
a) come in here and I will bite your legs off;
or b) come in here and give me a cuddle;
or c) I have not decided whether to eat you or lick you yet but come in here anyway?

It's b of course! How could he bite my legs off? He is just over one foot tall and I am five foot nine! If you thought a) or c) you are rather silly. He is happily wagging his tail*.
He is nothing like the person in this awesome clip:

* although that in itself is not always an indication that the dog is not going to use his little teeth, but the restof his posture says 'O.K.'

Dogs love a CHALLENGE!

Batty, who was found as a stray, is new to kennels and keen to show off to the others just how street-smart and street-cool he is. See how he artfully climbs the fence and once at the top does a celebratory sniff of a new friend? The little fella makes it look EFFORTLESS and yet I speak from experience (last Monday's post) when I say that climbing fences and walls is not as easy as it looks! Young Master Batty is the SIR EDMUND HILLARY of the kennels.

In contrast, whoever dumped derring-do dog Batty is THE WEAKEST LINK! Goodbye!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Golden Retrievers are innocents!

See this lovely, gentle, innocent GR?
Which is worse?

a) Dumping your family pet of 8 years.


b) Spotting a sweet baby that has one leg in a cast and is holding candy and a rattle toy - then deliberately putting on a scary clown mask before racing over and snatching the candy out of the baby's innocent chubby hand - then stamping hard on the rattle so it breaks before the now weeping infant's eyes - then signing the cast 'Life Long Loser' - and then cackling hideously as you run away with your spoils, leaving the infant emotionally scared for life.

That's right, it's a. The golden retriever is being hurt by someone it has KNOWN AND LOVED.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The return of STORM

Drum roll please!~ Presenting Storm as you've never seen him before!

Notice how finally the hormones have worn off after he was desexed and that now he is actually able to be in the same kennel with another dog without trying to mate with it!


Storm is actually lying on the cool floor rather than going on a testosterone-fueled rampage in the hot sun! For the first time tantalisingly pretty schnauser Cookie can relax safely only yards away from this once notorious lothario!

Dogs with addictions need help!

This little white schnauser has a problem. He is an ADDICT.
He is addicted to SNIFFING. He sniffs other dogs, plant pots, humans taking photos...he relentlessly sniffs them all!
This olfactory-crazed sniffing schnauser needs help! He is so addicted that he wouldn't even lift his little head up to pose for a photo! His lilttle doggy nose goes at it all day.
After a day at the kennels one does tend to whiff a bit, but the rotters who adandoned this lively boy STINK!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dogs can be PATIENT

This dog is PATIENTLY waiting to be let out.

Notice how he is not shoving, barking, jostling, poking, prodding or generally being obnoxious in his desire to get from a (inside the gate) to b (outside the gate).

Now why can't people using public transport systems here be like that? Today I was shoulder wrestled, poked with a bag, hit by another shoulder and jostled just getting to work. Grrrrrrrr.

To calm myself I shall gaze at this handsome fellow's picture. So furrrrrryyyyyyy.

Dogs have ATTITUDE!

This is a dog with ATTITUDE. See how he strolls off, refusing to have his photograph taken by a mere human underling?

The people who abandoned him probably couldn't get over the inferiority complexes they must have developed living with this cool dog.
And yet I feel NO PITY for them.


This dog is doing an impression of a wet dishcloth!
During his bath, Bumpy decided to wow us with his impressions. Meanwhile, Arfur (featured yesterday) was hiding under his white towel and moving around in a spooky way, keen to wow us with his impression of a ghost! Thanks guys!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Puggy Pug Gets Pampered!

This PERFECT PUGGY PUG got adopted yesterday by a fine, upstanding, responsible human. Before that, he showed his potential for becoming a pampered pet by getting us to bathe and groom and generally fuss over him. Yes, indeed, in this picture I am actually tickling his neck, not in fact strangling him. That would be wrong.

Puppeh plays HOUSE!

The urge to ring the doorbell is a strong one...
how could anyone abandon a dog that plays house?

Maybe someone that would prefer to have a dog that plays poker.

Anyhoo, there is no excuse for abandoning a puppy, except maybe if you own a mutant puppy intent on world domination, and even then I think you should reconsider.


Just because a dog is small, it doesn't mean that it won't have a BIG personality. Arfur here knows what he wants:
1. Total domination of the food bowl.
2. A soft towel to frolick with.
3. Your attention please!
See how happy he is right now? He has the food, the attention and he has spotted the fresh towel I am holding!
His previous owners should have bought more towels.
And been less RUBBISH.

Dogs can act like Steve McQueen!

See how sweet and innocent this beautiful faced dog looks? You'd never know she had a WILD CHILD side, involving her doing a Steve McQueen and escaping from the kennels that very afternoon (but without the use of a motorbike). She made her dramatic escape through a locked up construction site. I got boosted over a corrugated iron wall and tramped over unstable rubble in pursuit of this girl. She even looked back and watched my stumbling efforts to climb after her before she hot-footed it into the tropical wilderness near by. Cheeky monkey!

The good news is, a few hours later, she came back of her own volition, no doubt with adventures of doggy hijinx to impress the others. Dogs sometimes want to do their own thing, which in this case meant ESCAPING in a DRAMATIC way.*

But you have to admire the way she had kept that facade of innocence up for so long!

She'll probably get them all building an escape tunnel next.

*When they come to us though it should always be to be received with loving arms, even if you are covered in scratches and bruises.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Puppy drool has magical properties

O.K., that post title may be a teeny bit of a lie, but it does seem magical how being covered in puppy saliva creates a sense of euphoria. See how Ludo is airing his tongue in preparation for licking a human? He pays particular attention to the hands and necks of his humans, carefully covering every inch of furless flesh in magical puppy slobber. He takes pride in her slobbering work. What a model pup!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dogs are LOYAL 2

Here's another image of King John, described by historians as 'slippery' and 'untrustworthy' with his dog. See that medieval mutt frolicking merrily with his evil master? Even the puppy behind him looks happy. Further proof that dogs love UNCONDITIONALLY.

Dogs are brilliantly MANIPULATIVE!

See how this puggy pug uses his awesome powers of manipulation to make you want to open the kennel dog and give him a squishy hug whilst going 'You're so cute' and 'It's O.K. baby puggly wuggly' (not that I am saying that I actually say that sort of thing). Dogs are BILLIANTLY MANIPULATIVE! Within seconds he was in my lap.

Puggy Pug Pugs!

A lot of pugs get abandoned, usually because the owners have either let them get so fat* that they cut off the blood circulation when you hold them on your lap, or because they have medical problems that the MALODOROUS OWNERS can't be bothered to get treated. This chap just needs eyedrops AND SOME LOVIN'. Look at this pug's gorgeous brown baubly eyes! Check out the tiny whiskers and squishy nose! This soft wrinkly-headed chap could melt the coldest of hearts, but apparently his last owner's heart was made of STONE.

* From being over-fed and under-walked.

Get your dogs desexed!

Storm, the white fluffy sex-maniac featured last month, is seen here creeping up on an unsuspecting corgi. Storm has been stalking several dogs at once in the kennels, reflecting the need for dogs to be DESEXED so they don't turn into roaming lotharios. Storm's had the snip now, but it takes a month for the hormones to leave the system. In the meantime, thanks Storm for continuing to entertain us with your antics! Also, thank you cute corgi, 'B', now adopted, for being so PATIENT and for not pressing charges!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

No rants or raves today

Too much TMJD today so not r & r from this blogger. Sorry!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I love spaniels. Just wanted to share that. This one at the Rescue is a real sweetheart and I think HE KNOWS IT. Check out the floppy ear action! He could do an advertisement for dog shampoo and shake those ears for maximum effect like in the timotei adverts.

Great dogs from THE PAST!

Neatorama has a good link about some RAVE-WORTHILY REMARKABLE dogs in history:

I think a special mention should go to the dogs belonging to King John of England (1199-1216) possibly the most unpopular English king ever. See his dogs lovingly follow their tyrannical, treacherous, homicidal master? Further proof that dogs are GREAT because they LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY!*

Unfortunately, people who dump sick or old dogs like Mouse (featured yesterday) DON'T love unconditionally.

*Love humans that is, not stags. I think the stag in this picture is pretty much done for.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is it really wrong to shoot neglectful owners?

This lovely, tiny, fragile ball of fluff is 10. He has no teeth and a wonky jaw so he finds it hard to eat. So what did his previous owners do?

a) Take him to a vet and get the best possible care for him.
b) Dump him.

Yes, b.

What would I like to do to those heartless people?

a) Feed them to the large meat-loving sturgeon at Ocean Park?
b) Push them into an erupting volcano which is about to spew red hot sizzling lava?
c) Force them to organise England's 2012 Olympic opening ceremony?

Yes, definitely C. A and B would be too quick.

Puppehs have AMBITION!

This lonesome puppeh seems to be practsiing getting into strange positions. Perhaps he has plans to become A CONTORTIONIST. He has AMBITION! While his friends and sister are playing 'let's swamp the human with the camera' he is working towards his goal. Follow your dream, ambitious puppeh!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dogs can ACT!

There should be more movies with dogs in. Dogs can ACT. There should be a dog RADA or something. See how this dog, 'Z'* APPEARS to be sleeping? Actually, it is wide awake and just PRETENDING to be asleep so that I won't give it it's eye drops. Later it PRETENDED to be fascinated by something happening on the other side of the kennels, just when I was again approaching with the eye drops. Z, you would win a Dog Oscar for sure!

I bet Z's previous owners never won an award.

*(real identity protected in case he decides on a movie career later)

Dogs can turn INVISIBLE!

Dogs have superpowers! Canine 'Z' has amazing powers as well as great acting skills. Can you spot this dog in the photograph?

No? That's because it can turn invisible!* It did this when I was approaching for the third time with the eyedrop bottle (it was fourth tie lucky in the end).

* Some have erroneously claimed that Z moved before I pressed the button on the camera, but that's just nonsense.


Another rave! This dog has been blind from birth and he's STILL SMILING! He also has an incredible tail which could probably exist in it's own right as a small furry mammal.

More puppehs

The best thing about this puppy is that it has a sibling! Double puppeh joy! There are no words to describe how cute this puppy is. 100% FACT! :) There are many words to describe the previous owners of this puppy, but they are not nice ones.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


This is Bart, son of the dogs featured yesterday, who has the same name as a FAMOUS PIRATE! Rrraaarrr!

Unlike this pirate, Bart has not attacked 400 ships, killed dozens of seadogs or obtained 50 million pounds of loot. Instead, he just lazes around the kennels and submits to petting by his kennel volunteer fans.

Pity about the loot bit.

Friday, August 8, 2008


OK, I don't know for sure that these dogs were actually marooned with their pirate owners as they were found sans humans, but they definitely came from boats. They were found living on a remote deserted island and had puppies together. The devoted canine 'Mr and Mrs Crusoe' have gorgeous natures and all but one of their children has now been adopted. Their hobbies are smooching, walking, licking volunteers and eating. The pirates who dumped them on the island were heartless and cold-blooded (typical pirate behaviour, but still, very wrong).