Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dogs can bring BOOZE

Aaaaahhhhh. Wine....Beer....G&Ts...and DOGS

Saint Bernards are AWESOME because they carry brandy in little kegs around their necks. They can also find people trapped in snow and probably know karate too. (ignore silly jaws soundtrack)
This black lab is FLIPPING FANTASTIC. For some reason its misguided owner thought the bottom of the swimming pool was the fridge and dropped their beer there. The DUTIFUL DOG, realising the urgent need their kerfuffled human had for beer, dived gracefully in to get it! I bet this dog could also mix a perfect cocktail.

Unfortunately, the dog on the right is carrying a useless non-alcoholic bottle of lucozade. This is not the fault of the dog. It is the owner's fault for not training him properly. This just highlights how vital it is to take your dog for training classes.

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