Friday, August 1, 2008

Dogs can AIM

Time for a rant about something else.

You've been to the cinema to watch a film about SUPER DOGS rescuing Tokyo from a giant mutant lizard. Then you queue up with all the other audience members who need to go. You squeeze into the cubicle. There before you is a DISGUSTING MESS. WHY can't people be clean? It isn't hard. Heck, we get daily practise yet people still leave A FOUL MESS. AIM people, AIM and WIPE. Or, if you are using the open toilet in a remote Chinese village and are a western tourist, aim, wipe and SMILE for your audience! Do not get all shy and embarrassed and drop the loo paper.
Like I did.

Dogs do not soil their own territory. Usually. Human beings seem to do it all the time! Why can't people keep the toilet clean? This is Eccles on the right; he makes perfect pretty poo circles every time! I bet his previous owner couldn't. Unfortunately, he makes them anywhere. But he does this cute manouevre of putting his paws over his eyes as if playing peek a boo with you. You can't get annoyed with a dog that can do that cute trick. Humans don't do this so they cannot get away with not aiming. YOU ARE JUST NOT CUTE ENOUGH PEOPLE!

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