Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pitt Bulls vs Houdini

Another RAVE! Pitt bulls could easily become famous escapologists. In a contest between Houdini and this pitt bull currently at the Rescue, the pitt bull would win.

HOUDINI, famous American escape artist: Escapes from milk cans, chains, prisons, straight jackets, Chinese water torture devices and locked boxes. Escapology rating: 10.
Cuteness rating: O. That hair parting is just wrong.
Smugness rating: O. He died when someone punched him in the guts and did in his appendix.
TRUDY, a pitt bull at the Rescue: Escapes from kennels, shut doors, tiny spaces between volunteer's legs and the kennel door' leashes and penned in areas.
Cuteness rating: At least 9
Smugness rating: 10. See her SMUGGLY lying on the tumble dryer which is on the washing machine in the STAFF ROOM when she should be in her locked kennel?

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