Monday, August 18, 2008

Dogs can act like Steve McQueen!

See how sweet and innocent this beautiful faced dog looks? You'd never know she had a WILD CHILD side, involving her doing a Steve McQueen and escaping from the kennels that very afternoon (but without the use of a motorbike). She made her dramatic escape through a locked up construction site. I got boosted over a corrugated iron wall and tramped over unstable rubble in pursuit of this girl. She even looked back and watched my stumbling efforts to climb after her before she hot-footed it into the tropical wilderness near by. Cheeky monkey!

The good news is, a few hours later, she came back of her own volition, no doubt with adventures of doggy hijinx to impress the others. Dogs sometimes want to do their own thing, which in this case meant ESCAPING in a DRAMATIC way.*

But you have to admire the way she had kept that facade of innocence up for so long!

She'll probably get them all building an escape tunnel next.

*When they come to us though it should always be to be received with loving arms, even if you are covered in scratches and bruises.

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