Thursday, August 21, 2008

Golden Retrievers are innocents!

See this lovely, gentle, innocent GR?
Which is worse?

a) Dumping your family pet of 8 years.


b) Spotting a sweet baby that has one leg in a cast and is holding candy and a rattle toy - then deliberately putting on a scary clown mask before racing over and snatching the candy out of the baby's innocent chubby hand - then stamping hard on the rattle so it breaks before the now weeping infant's eyes - then signing the cast 'Life Long Loser' - and then cackling hideously as you run away with your spoils, leaving the infant emotionally scared for life.

That's right, it's a. The golden retriever is being hurt by someone it has KNOWN AND LOVED.


Precious said...

Wookie, are you trying to justify your decision to scare a little baby?

Ranting Debes said...

How well you know me! ;)