Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It is CRUEL to name your dog Princess Coochy Poo

Why do INTELLECTUALLY CHALLENGED people give their dogs such DIRE names? I mean WHY?

I have honestly heard mentioned and/or met: Pinky Chick, Rainbow, Milk, Belly, Amus, Potato and Dark Soul for HUMANS in Hong Kong and China. So it should not really surprise me that the dogs get named as badly.
ACCEPTABLE names for dogs: Rover, Spike, Lassie, Patch and Kevin (all right, that last one is debatable).
NON-ACCEPTABLE names: Mao (which means 'cat' in Cantonese - are you ACTIVELY TRYING to cause your animal to have a SPECIES IDENTITY CRISIS?), Fifi (try not blushing over that one while calling your dog to you - the SHAME), Pickle (dogs are not food in Hong Kong - don't give your dogs names which make them sound edible. You may confuse tourists.) and Winkie (no wait, that was a human I met, but still WRONG for a dog anyway.)
This blogger understands:
Let's have COMPULSORY IQ TESTSs for people who want to have dogs!

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