Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top 5 true RUBBISH reasons given for abandoning a dog

These are reasons I have come across in the past few months alone for people dumping LOVELY DOGGEHS:

1. "We didn't know dogs need taking for walks. It is inconvenient." (MORON ALERT!!!)
2. "It grew." (MORON'S CLONE)
3. "We don't need it any more." (SELFISH SCUMBAGS and what on earth did they mean by 'need'?????)
4. "I don't really want it anymore. Anyway, it should be glad we gave it 5 months of a loving home." (O.K., that was said about a cat but the point remains - animals are NEVER glad to have had time in your home if you then DUMP them into a new bewildering environment. In fact, they are less likely to be adopted by someone else as they are either over the uber-cute puppy / kitten stage so less desirable, or so MESSED UP by being abandoned that they have abandonment anxiety disorder, AKA M.O.A.N. disorder - My Owners Are Numbskulls. FOOL!)
5. "It barks." (Yes, FOOL 2, it is a dog, that's what they do if they are left alone all day in a tiny HK apartment with nothing to do. DUH.)

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